We were founded in 1986 by five friends in the hardware industry who saw the need for a locally-owned neighborhood hardware store.What started out as a 3000-square-foot hardware “mini-mart” has grown into a 12,000-square-foot specialty hardware powerhouse.We are fortunate to have extremely supportive neighbors who have watched us grow over the years, and that support is appreciated.


Man Standing Beside the Hardware —Fasteners in Seattle WA
Get the right tools and supplies for your next project. Whether you're building a gazebo for the backyard, or an addition to your home or business, we have what you need to get the job done.
Rather than trying to be everything to everybody, we decided long ago to focus on our areas of expertise.If you're looking for lumber for a new deck, we're going to send you to one of our local lumberyards, but we'll sell you the right fasteners to build it.If your toilet is leaking, we'll sell you the right parts for fix it, and we have the staff to explain how to do it.
We specialize in fasteners by the piece or by the box. Our in-store selection is truly amazing and constantly growing.Call us for information on sizes and availability of fasteners for your next project.We really are “The Fastenerds”!
The next time you're in the neighborhood, stop by and visit Seattle's biggest little hardware store.


Man Beside Color Chart —Fasteners in Seattle WA
Need a little project advice? Looking for a specific tool or material? Give our experts a call today and get answers to your questions, and everything your project needs from start to finish.


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