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Currently CFLs or compact fluorescent bulbs are the best choice


Too many people think they can't save electricity without making dramatic changes to their homes or choosing to live in the dark. Nothing could be farther from the truth. With just three simple changes, any home can begin to save electricity immediately.

1. Use low energy light bulbs.

Currently CFLs or compact fluorescent bulbs are the best choice for efficient lighting. They consume 75% less electricity than their incandescent counterparts while burning ten times longer. Expect to save roughly $30 in electrical costs over the life of each CFL. These bulbs have the added advantage of generating about two-thirds less heat, so they assist in home climate control as well as provide illumination. At approximately $1.57 per bulb, CFLs are a good value in every sense of the word.

In coming months, consider changing some of your task or down lighting to the newly emerging LED (light emitting diode) products. LEDs are a form of solid state lighting with an operational life of up to 5 years. They generate almost no heat (3.4 btu compared to an incandescent bulb's 85) and use between 2 and 10 watts of electricity per hour. Current products range in price from $40 to $100, but expect to see that drop as better, more useful LED bulbs appear on the xafs.

2. Get over the 15 Minute Rule Myth.

This is the myth that says it's cheaper to leave a light burning if you're going to come back to a room within 15 minutes because the power surge from turning the light on repeatedly runs up the energy cost and shortens the life of the bulb. It's simply not true. In season four of the popular television series "Mythbusters," the team concluded that the so-called power "surge" uses electricity equal to a fraction of a second and that there is no life-shortening wear and tear on the bulb. The bottom line? It's always cheaper to turn the light off.

Additionally, use daylighting as much as is practical. Pull back the drapes and open the shutters. Keep windows and skylights clean and use the illumination from those sources during the day rather than turning on a lamp. In most instances, turning on a light is more an automatic reflex than a necessity. Consider minor changes in arrangement to maximize daylighting potential. For instance, can you move the desk in your home office to take better advantage of the light from the window?

3. Kill off the vampires.

All the little gadget cables and chargers that juice up our cell phones and laptops continue to suck electricity if they're left plugged in once the device is removed. The same is true of audio and video equipment that stay on "stand by." Turn off all the lights in your living or family room and see how many little red and green eyes are glowing in the dark. Every one of those devices is using "idle current" even when they're turned off.

Consider using products like the line of Smart Strip surge protectors from Bits Ltd. The power strips utilize intelligent circuitry to sense the level of power needed by the gadgets that are plugged in and running. When a device is turned off, the strip shuts off the idle current as well. The company estimates that its products save the average consumer 73% while still offering the desired surge protection. Depending on their size, Smart Strips cost from $32 to $45 each.

Good habits tend to breed other good habits. Start with these simple changes. Once you begin to see a difference in your electrical bills, you'll be hunting for new ways to save electricity and money in your home!

If you want to master Texas Holdem poker playing

If you want to master Texas Holdem poker playing, understand this: not all poker hand odds are equal. Sounds simple, right? Sure, you already knew that. Okay, so do you know how to accurately determine if the odds are in your favor or not? That's not as simple, now is it? One technique that you can make use of to help you with figuring this out is the 4/2 rule.

Now, poker hand odds--or, that is, the odds of you winning the pot given the hand you currently have, and then given the hand you have and the cards that are subsequently laid on the table by the dealer--are very important for you to determine accurately. It's more than just thrilling yourself with how much you can potentially win. It's vital to know if you should Texas hold'em or Texas fold'em. Are you going to take the risk of staying in the game longer, or are you going to cut your losses, realizing that the odds are just too slim-to-none that you'll be playing the winning hand in the end? Poker players who have problems with knowing the odds have problems losing money and decimating their bankroll.

The 4/2 rule in poker has been figured out so that players can quickly calculate accurate odds of their winning the jackpot. Not all bets are equal in poker. Depending on circumstances, you might need to bet an amount that is fairly large--perhaps half the pot or more--while other times you only need to be a relatively small amount, perhaps like 10--which is not too bad (you want to be around 20 of getting that straight. Sure, you still might get another potential winning hand, like a pair of Jacks, but it's not as strong as the straight and 8% odds are not too good. Are other players acting like they could beat a pair of Jacks? Do you want to risk it? Do you want to go for the straight still?

Whether or not you stay in or fold at this point is up to you, but with the 4/2 rule at least you have accurately determined your poker hand odds of winning this round.

For those who play online poker I recommend you download and use an "poker hand odds calculator" when you play. Calculators will AUTOMATICALLY show you the odds of every situation you're in... no effort or manual work required.


Bathroom remodeling ideas can be used to transform the room

Bathroom remodeling ideas can be used to transform the room into a comfortable, attractive, spa-like and functional space. Good ideas for remodeling a bathroom can help create a space for grooming and even for relaxing and indulging in after a long, tiring day. The bathroom is the most frequently remodeled room in the house.

Here are ideas for remodeling a bathroom to consider:

1. Access to Natural Light - bringing natural light in from the outdoors can open up the space visually, setting the mood in the room. Natural light can be uplifting and energizing in its effect on how you feel. A rather dramatic bathroom remodeling design idea you can use would be to consider adding a window, a skylight or roof window. A window will provide natural light or perhaps even give you a beautiful view to enjoy. If you are going to install a skylight, obtain the kind that can be opened and closed easily for ventilation.

2. Choices of Color - the colors used in a room can affect how you feel and can have an impact on the visual appearance of the space. The use of light colors will make the bathroom appear larger, and conversely, the use of darker colors will make the room appear smaller. Yellow, green, pink, white and blue are considered neutral, softer, cooler and  relaxing. Red, darker blue, black, orange or other strong colors will be stimulating and high energy and they will make your room seem smaller than it really is. If the room is large, another of the ideas for remodeling a bathroom can be to use a mixture of these colors.

3. Plan for Storage - one cannot have too much storage in the bathroom. Storage reduces clutter and it hides items that do not need to be seen. Every bathroom needs a place for storing grooming supplies, cosmetics, cleaners, towels and much more. Consider adding shelves in areas where you think it may be possible. Shelves in corners can often take advantage of otherwise unused space. Perhaps there is room for a closet, chest of drawers or cabinet for your towels. If your room is small, use the space over the toilet to add cabinet storage or shelf storage.

4. Medicine Cabinet Selection - multi-purpose medicine cabinets workwell for medications, toiletries and other accessories. A medicinecabinet can be purchased as a lockable unit so that small childrencannot access it. Hooks, towel bars and pegs can be placed under themedicine cabinet so that towels can be hung there. Medicine cabinets areavailable in a wide variety of decor styles to complement the look ofthe room. In general, a recessed medicine cabinet will be moreattractive than one that is not recessed.

4. Replace Existing Lighting - upgrading the artificial lights withbrighter and better quality lighting can easily make a big difference inthe attractiveness of your room. Have you noticed how well lit theshowrooms are in home furnishing stores? And if dimmer switches areincluded, you can raise or lower the light level to suit your mood, highfor grooming, low for relaxing in that warm, cozy bath. And the choiceof light fixture styles and finishes will complement the decoratingstyle of your home. Consider using sconces, recessed lighting and evenchandeliers in the bathroom.

5. Install Mirrors or Pictures - it may not be necessary to spend a lotof money on a quality mirror. You can use a basic looking mirror or onewith attractive designs, depending on what you prefer. Mirrors areespecially good to use in smaller spaces as they reflect light and helpmake the room seem larger than it really is. If there is space, apicture can work well to make the room more interesting.

As you can see, there are plenty of ideas for remodeling a bathroom thatmay not even require the services of a contractor. Enjoy the planningprocess, learn as much as you can and use your imagination whencollecting and implementing your bathroom remodeling ideas. Having acomfortable, attractive and functional room reflecting your personalstyle means you will have a special place to enjoy for many years tocome.

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Do you find it difficult to find the right size bra

Do you find it difficult to find the right size bra? Does the size of your breasts make it more difficult to find one that fits?

The problem with todays media drenched society is that we are all trying to be something we are not.  If we just faced reality and worked with what we have, the world would be a lot less stressful. Big can be beautiful but remember good things come in small packages too. Women with smaller breasts often feel the pressure of society and feel they have to have larger breasts to fit in. So they either resort to surgery or wear a bra that makes there breasts look bigger but doesn't necessarily fit. Remember, comfort is the key!  

  Wearing a bra that accentuates your natural figure and gives you support where you need it is essential. Light support or wireless bras may not have any underwire but are perfect for girls with smaller breasts and offer enough support to allow you to feel free and comfortable. The beauty of the wireless bra is that you could be wearing it and not even know its there. In fact, light support bras are less constricting than full support bras and a common assertion amongst women is that they are more comfortable.

Its obvious now, that comfort takes presidence and that the wireless bra is the ultimate choice for it. Imagine not feeling the discomfort of that chaffing underwire or the cumbersome restrictions of over sized cups. Youre feeling less stressed already arent you?  Well, all you need now is a list of some of the most popular models availableand what do you know, we just happened gather that for you. Here is my selection of the top light support bras you can buy online:

Warners Not-All-That-Bra Soft Cup
A truly naturally fitting bra, with a stretch fabric providing exceptional comfort. A self-elastic frame is built into the seamless cup giving you great support.

Grenier Microfiber Seamless Soft Cup Bra

This model is wireless, seamless and made of ultra soft microfiber, making it astonishingly comfy. Featuring a pretty lace detail and an inner sling for added support. Sizes B 34-38, C 34-38, and D 34-38.
OnGossamer Strapless Mesh Bra

An adaptable seamless mesh padded bra with removable straps. This bra can be worn with or without straps.


This is the reason why the bonsai trees often become weak

 This is the reason why the bonsai trees often become weak and gradually die.
.Bonsai which is an interesting technique of growing the adult trees in a miniature form was originated in Japan a long time ago. In fact when you see a banyan tree that looks like a 50 year old one with all its long branches, shoots and cylindrical roots but at the same time the height is just 4 to 5 feet then this becomes very unusual and exciting. If it is moist enough then you do not need to water it anymore.

This is the reason why many people take keen interest in decorating the most exposed corner of their house with a Bonsai tree. Now this is a fact that you will need to identify the right time to water your bonsai tree.

Watering the Bonsai Tree

Water is the main component that a tree uses to prepare its food. But they need regular supply of food in order to survive and the bonsai trees just like other normal trees collect their food from the soil. Moreover the slightest bit of the minerals and other nutritional particles simply wash away when you put water everyday. A bonsai tree might die within its tub if you do not water it for continuous 48 hours. You should apply the fertilizers which are rich in these 3 mineral contents. Hence it is always advisable to keep them under some kind of shade which will shield the bonsai tree from the stark light but benefit them equally. There are many people who keep their bonsai plants at one corner of the room as a part of decoration and completely forget about taking them out regularly in the sun.

Keeping the Bonsai in Light

The rays of the sun are the basic necessity for any plant. If it is dry then do not delay in watering them. The most important elements are water, light and fertilizer. But then again excess water can act like poison to a bonsai tree. But there are few things that are essential when it comes to taking proper care of a Bonsai tree.

Fertilizing the Bonsai Tree

The soil that surrounds the roots of the bonsai tree contains very little nutritional value. The most important elements required for its survival are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

So always place your bonsai tree in the sun-light for several hours in a day. But scorching heat of the sun and high temperature is harmful for the bonsai. In fact the type of fertilizer will also depend on the species of the bonsai tree.

This is the reason why fertilizing  the soil on a regular basis is very important.

You can do this by judging the soil. Dig the upper surface of the soil and look at the inner part.

If you enjoy many different kinds of coffee but dislike the feeling that caffeine

If you enjoy many different kinds of coffee but dislike the feeling that caffeine gives you, then don't worry - gourmet coffee beans are available in decaffeinated blends, too!  The higher quality companies will use a process that is totally free of chemicals, using only water to decaffeinate the coffee.  The taste of this coffee is richer than the lighter blends, but these beans tend to act as a good median between the light and dark roasts.  You will be able to experience the many different roasts and flavors that the world's beans have to offer!
.  However, there are still various flavors of light roasted coffee, partially due to the fact that these beans come from different regions including Indonesia and Central America.

When choosing a type of gourmet coffee, first consider the roast level.9% caffeine free.

What are you waiting for?  Put down that generic can of coffee grounds and take a step up:  go for the gourmet coffee beans.

Light roasted coffee beans tend to have brighter flavors than their darker counterparts.

Medium roasted beans are also available from various regions including Central America, South America, and Indonesia.  There are four different roasts:  light, medium, full and dark.  These blends are specially produced to ensure that you experience a full-bodied taste  without the bitterness that typically accompanies such a dark roast.  The aromatic oils within the coffee beans are drawn to the surface, creating a coffee that is much darker and richer than the other three roasts available.

The dark roasted blends are a rich, dark brown and provide drinkers with a strong and bittersweet taste.

Full roasted coffee is blended to provide coffee lovers a hearty flavor with deep undertones, sure to make all of you coffee addicts eager for that first cup in the morning.  Find the one you love and stick to it, or try the many different flavors and blends to add some variety to your workweek.

You'll still be able to enjoy the full flavor of the coffee, but you'll be able to enjoy a drink that is 99.When the alarm clock starts ringing and you realize that it's the start of another long workday, it helps to know that a great cup of coffee is no further than your kitchen.  But do you know what a different gourmet beans make?

There are many different kinds of gourmet coffee beans for the many different types of coffee drinkers,-the-crew-aboard-would-not-

Wear dresses that enhances waist to draw attention

 Wear dresses that enhances waist to draw attention. The one and only tool that can give appearance of fairy to an hourglass figure is the dress. Like,
* One major thing to emphasize your waist is to wear a dark color bottom and lighter colored top. Instead its good to wear clothes that suit your body type.Whats so special about that round and curvy figure? Why men eye get stuck in women having an hourglass figure? Do you want to know the specialties about it? Then keep reading for the cognition.
. They have embraced their curves very happily and do follow the tips written above for a refined look. Hourglass figure should follow it.
Hence it proves that proper dressing and suiting style can do anything. Thus result comes is more disastrous. It also minimizes your curves, thus gives an appealing expression. The best pant styles for an hourglass shape are: Flat front trousers, Boot cut jeans and Pants or jeans with flared bottoms.  
* While choosing colors, go for the monochromatic dresses. By wearing the right clothing any woman can look stunning and feel confident. Corset dresses, prom gowns, A-line dresses are some of the dresses that helps you in attaining your destination. You can get into any look in an hourglass figure, whether its sultry, classy, elegant or sophisticated with what you wear. For an hourglass figure its a well-fitting bra. Waist is the greatest asset of an hourglass figure. A figure with many curves, well-defined waistline and broader hips and bust are its attributes.

But many women thinking are just contrary for an hourglass figure.

Though dress is the joyride donning that you can look your beautiful best but there is a cornerstone for everything that mainly helps in achieving it.
Many beautiful and admired stars, celebrities and super models possess hourglass figures and are very contended with it. Loose clothings make you look bigger and clothings that are too tight make you look larger. Ill-fitting clothes make their shape improper.
* Light weighted fabrics are good to get a lean look. Its the foundation to all clothing and if it doesn't fit properly can make your clothes look  horrendous.   

An hourglass figure is considered the dream figure, preferred by many women.

Except the tips in dresses, there are some other things to keep in mind when choosing an outfit for an hourglass figure. Knowledge of the style that enhances your shape can get you great confidence and always look your very best. It includes, v-neckline dresses or scoop neckline dresses as these both styles slim the neck and chest and will make you appear stunning as well as slimmer.

Other must haves for an hourglass shape that can earn it a beautiful look are mentioned here. It can show off your curves and camouflage the flaws by knowing how to dress.
* Well fitting clothes is the perfect solution to get an attractive look. Slip into the most flattering look with your dressing.

The best way to look attractive is to enhance the most beautiful curve of the body. It gives slim appearance to your figure and balances your body. Thus learn to embrace your best assets rather than hiding behind improperly fitting clothes. A bra that fits well will show off your bust and lay a smooth foundation for all your dresses. Wide curves are problematic for them, which they try to pelt with big clothing. The skirts and dresses that work perfectly well on hourglass figures are Pencil skirts, A-line skirts and dresses, Wrap skirts and Wrap dresses.,-ltd/1355590/

How to lose thigh weight and staying healthy is as simple as doing

t. In stead of drinking whole milk or regular dairy products, Substitute them with skim milk, fat free yogurts, low fat milk products like cheese, e. This means that you just have extra energy stored as fat and all you need is to burn that energy and remove it. The point here is to supplement your diet with healthy foods that promote weight loss. To increase your metabolism and get rid of leg fat, Do the following:

Proteins   They help the body burn hotter which leads to burning of more calories.

Nutrition To Lose Thigh Weight

As far as nutrition goes, It plays a very important role on how to lose thigh weight.

Vegetables and Fruits  These types of foods are also called catabolic foods because they burn more calories than they supply. You don t have to obsess yourself into calorie counting. For helpful tips on how to lose thigh weight, Visit the link below.

Stay Physically Active  How to lose thigh weight and staying healthy is as simple as doing regular physical activities. This does not mean that you should skip your meals but eat healthy. For example like on their butts, legs, thighs, waist and hips. If you are trying to lose excess thigh weight from legs and thighs, You may want to consider eating thin. If you consume excess calories, Your body will end up storing them as excess fat.
. Exercise 3 times a week for about 30 to 45 minutes. You will need to choose lower fat options here, For example in stead of frying chicken, You can grill it or bake it. You health is important and if you don t have money to invest in expensive exercise equipments and gym memberships, Look for low cost free exercises and they are usually fun to do. So eat thin, Increase your metabolism using some of these tips and you can find yourself burning fat faster than you expect. One of the best ways to burn energy is by using metabolism. Change, mix your workouts and start slow if you are a beginner. Here are some tips on how to slim down your thighs. The only thing that is on your way is yourself. These are just examples of proteins you should consider on how to slim down your thighs. Ok let me get to the point here, You really don t have to waste money for gym membership. Ask yourself how long and how many times you walk or jog every week? How many times do you do home friendly leg workouts every week? How many times do you do aerobic workouts every week? Chances are that you are not physically active enough like you should. Also vegetables like spinach, Kales, Carrots, Spinach, Leeks.c. They are also very healthy because of their fewer calories. Fruits like apples, black berries, Blue berries, Grapefruits, Oranges, Mangos, Lemons, Limes and pineapples are good examples. You can rely on fat free/low fat products products, Low carb foods and foods that are high in fibers.How to slim down your thighs is mostly a big concern in women. Best sources of proteins include lean meats,beans, egg whites and poultry. Therefore, How to slim down your thighs diet is recommended to contain a lot of veggies and fruits. You will need to cut back on curbs and foods that are high in fats too. Losing fat from any parts of your body means consuming the calories that your body needs.

Combining all these three can increase the chances of losing thigh weight and staying healthy. This is because women store fat on their bottom sections. You should know that excess fat in your body is actually the energy that you have stored. In this case, you will need to choose the best protein sources to keep burning excess calories all day. Take some time aside and do this if you want to lose thigh weight and stay healthy. But is not uncommon to find women who are only overweight around their thighs or who are only interested in thinning their thighs and legs.

Increase Your Metabolism

How to slim down your thighs has a lot to do with your metabolism. Peppers, Broccoli and tomatoes are good examples. Make a decision and take some action especially on the physical activity section. You can choose turkey or skinless chicken too, Fish is also an excellent option here. This is one of the recommended ways on how to lose thigh weight. If you are overweight on your thighs, chances are that your other parts of body are overweight too, especially your buttocks, waist and stomach. The higher your metabolic rate, The more energy you burn. Fitness experts agree that one of the answers to excess body fat loss is to burn that fat out of your body. Supplement your dairy dishes with fruits over the course of the day. These foods will increase your metabolism to sky rocket and help burn the excess calories that you have on your legs

After a painful break up, you tend to be too fragile

After a painful break up, you tend to be too fragile and weak and you neither want to go out nor talk to anyone else. Thats understandable.

All you do is think of how you could possibly make up with your ex and be with them again.

Getting someone back is not the easiest thing in the world, but it s also not that hard if you follow the right plan and avoid some common mistakes.

You need to keep calm and keep a cool head, because if you get too paranoid about the whole situation you may end up doing some huge blunders that will drive them further away.

Make sure you are not making (or about to make) the following mistakes.

1) Calling them in the middle of the night, drunk or just calling them 100 times a day. Also, if you are not sober you may talk nonsense and say all of the things that are not appropriate at all. This can be very annoying and worst of all, it s unattractive!

See, you cannot force your ex to come back by using fake tricks or saying some magic words. But you can make them WANT to come back by their own free will and that s your goal. You need to build attraction and let them miss you for a while. That s the first step in the right direction.

2) Sending them emails or text messages all the time. Then, you might be wondering why they are not replying and as a result you start bombarding them with a flood of messages and attention.

That again is a big no no. This will make them lose their interest in making up with you especially now that you are being so desperate and irritating. Give them some time to long for you. Experts suggest that you cut off any communication for about a month and let them miss you for a while. Then they will look for ways to see you instead.

It s a common trait that we all share... People want what they can t easily have. From now on, whenever you deal with your ex, keep that in mind. You don t want to be available all the time, every second of the day. There will be no more desire and interest.

3) Detaching yourself from your family and friends. These are the people that you can depend on most. However, select the ones that really have the power to understand you, but don t hide from the rest of the world. So instead of thinking and crying alone in your room, go out with them and release your pain. This is an important process, you can not skip that.

Just avoid annoying people who don t really understand your desire or don t have your best interest at heart.

You must be very careful with your actions and words in order to get a second chance and salvage your relationship.

Following a congressional mandate requiring them on all vehicles weighing

Following a congressional mandate requiring them on all vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds by the 2008 model year. Most manufacturers installed tire pressure monitor systems well ahead of the September 7, 2007 deadline. The regulation that requires a dashboard tire pressure monitor system in passenger cars, light trucks and vans appears to be one government mandate that offers benefits to drivers without significant increases to manufacturing costs.

However the same cannot be said for independent tire dealers who will feel the pinch from cost increases due to automotive technology training, diagnostic tools and time involved in performing tire replacement on vehicles that have the tire pressure monitor systems.

The tire pressure monitor system components are vulnerable to breakage if handled incorrectly or too quickly. For example a particularly breakage prone area is the air pressure sensor mounted on the inside base of the valve stem. The sensor is connected to a small radio transmitter powered by a long life lithium ion battery, which transmits information to a micro processor that in turn signals when a tire is under inflated. 

The system is designed to warn the driver, by buzzer or flashing light, when a tire has deflated to 25% less than recommended inflation pressure. When it comes to handling an assembly with a valve stem mounted sensor, speed is the last thing on the list. The plastic tire pressure sensor is very easy to break.

The process of mounting any tire on a wheel with a valve stem mounted sensor is slow and cautious or breakage of the sensor is likely. It should be the tire dealers responsibility to repair any damage caused by their technicians. The individual tire presure sensors are around eighty dollars a piece. If the tire dealer breaks all 4 he is out $320.00. If the tire shop breaks your sensors you will know it because you will be blinded by the red light on the dash that say's tire pressure warning.

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