Sunday, June 20, 2010

Clarification and Catch Up

First, Happy Father's Day!

So, yeah...

It's been forever since I've done this...

Shame on me.I didn't mean to take a 3 month hiatus on the blog posts, but that's what happened.

Since 2010 is half over, I'd like to revisit my goals for this year.

  • recording my next album - temporarily on hold

  • adding a live drummer to the live set - still looking for a drummer (know anyone?)

  • summer regional tour - today is the first day of summer...I have no dates booked

  • finalizing the fairy concept album (story and songs) - Oooh!Almost done with this one!

Needless to say, I still have a lot of work cut out for the remainder of the year.

I have been playing a bunch of cool shows in the past few months, that I didn't blog about.I'll do a quick recap in a bit but I do want to clarify something that has been bothering me lately.I've noticed that the press has been dubbing the "One Woman Musical Enigma" as a self proclaimed title, which is not true.Amanda Wells from Landlocked Media called me that a couple years ago and I just decided to run with it.Mostly because it sounds cool and I know damn well I couldn't think of anything on my own.

Why is this bothering me?

I don't know why but I feel like when something that bold is "self proclaimed", it means I'm arrogant as shit.I mean C'mon, my name is Syna So Pro, and I'm constantly having to re-iterate the "So Pro" part means "Solo Project" not "So Professional".So when I ran across my in-studio performance, and a recent album review that has this self proclamation, I feel... ah I don't know...vain... and lame for being that vain.So I guess before this gets too far out of hand, I need to change the artwork to reflect that Amanda Wells stated the quote, not me.

I'll probably get to that in about 3 months.

But the last few shows I've played have been very interesting:

June 4th @ Firebird
I pretty much killed it.One of the best shows I've played in a while.Plus had a great time watching The Breaks debut their first show, as well as Russell Bliss perfecting their performance.

June 5th @ RFT Showcase
Yeah...I sang a lot.People really really dug it.But the PA system was not powerful enough to handle my set up.Plus I was having some weird volume issues with the drum machine.I still feel as though I finished strong and I think I blew some minds.

June 9th @ Darkroom (Chicago, IL)
Uhh...I have been trying and trying to block this terrible memory from my skull.I have absolutely no idea what happened.Basically, my rig failed me in a way it has never fail me before rendering me looking utterly confused and desperately trying to figure out the problem, while everyone stares at me in silence.I finally just gave up and did an acapella set to finish off the show, but Good God that was embarrassing!

June 24th @ CAMSTL
I'm hoping the trend of "BEST SHOW EVER" to "WORST SHOW EVER" stops here.I'm playing with 3 really awesome bands and I want to impress all.

Time for the Facebook Event!

Before I go, I'll try to update you fine people a bit more often...
I'd say about twice a month.

...until next time...


Monday, March 8, 2010

Rolla Misery??

Most, if not all, of you know that I played KDHX's Live in St. Louis Series 2010 on Nick Acquisto's The Space Parlour last Thursday. I've conveniently tracked my performance on this Mini iPod below if you happened to miss it.

I'm very pleased with my performance and the overall turnout of the show. The mix is a bit vocal heavy...but that's radio. I am, however, ashamed of how I threw Rolla Missouri under the bus during my interview. (Listen to the interview pt 3) There's so many positive things I could have said, but instead I focused, as usual, on the negative.

I'm very appreciative that I grew up in Rolla. Yes, it was hella boring more than a few times, but I received a great education as well as performing with a group of people that shared the best musical experience I've had in my life. Which, sadly, I took for granted at the time.

The music program was, hands down, the best the state of Missouri had to offer. Performing around the country (Corpus Cristi TX, Winter Park CO, Carnegie Hall) as well as being invited to perform in Europe (damn I wish I did that) proves that claim. But it wasn't the fact that we had many talented singers our school. It really came down to one man, our music director, Mr. Sandquist.

He single handedly, taught me so much about music, without ever opening a book. Just a number of "one-liners" and the selections of college level songs we performed, he somehow implanted the overall feel of Syna So Pro without me ever knowing it. A prime example being, "Mezzo Forte is Mezzo Boring". He would say this to us often when we were just going through the motions and not conveying any dynamics. I've never forgotten that which is probably why I'm told my music is very epic on it's own.

Although I sound resentful about growing up in Ro-Town, I'm really not. I'm pretty positive if Rolla never happened, Syna So Pro wouldn't have happened.

Ok, I feel better now...

Listening to my performance also solidified in my head that I should take vocal lessons. It's not that I think I can't sing, I know I've lost a lot pitch control over the years of "lazy singing".

In other news, for those of you who's picked up and listened to my debut album, posted below is a Syna So Pro cover, recorded by my good ol' friend El.
    El writes: Walk Away...

    ..This song was written by SYNA SO PRO. I recorded it about a year or twelve ago when I used to live in a musicians halfway home. It sounds nothing like the original except that both me and the person that wrote it are sexy as hell :)


P.S. If you have nothing to do this Saturday, come out to Fort Gondo for a Celebration of women of art. Facebook event here!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Live Loop the R-Waves

After almost 2 weeks, the congestion has finally left my head...which is the best feeling in the world. I no longer talk, hear, cough, and breathe like a 60 year old man who smoked a pack a day for the last 30 years of his life. No to mention sleeped with his mouth open.

Bill's CD Release show last Saturday was a lot of fun in so many ways.

  • Dottie (.e) killed all in her path as usual.

  • My instrumental set was awkwardly different, but it worked.

  • Alberto and Kevin played a mean improvisational set that started as a trio with their friend on Dottie's Jaguar. (I'd love to drop his name if I knew it.|HELP!)

  • Bill Tucker and Friends performance kept a consistent smile on my face. I've listened to his new album, Mythological Creatures, about 5 times in the last week, and it's a different take on folk music. I strongly urge you all to check out his music.

I've got the photos back from the shoot I had about 3 weeks ago. I'm not going to post them all at this time for they are being enhanced at the moment. I will, however, leave you with this.

Eric Seelig is the photographer who walked with me, out in the cold, to shoot me carrying my heavy-ass pedal board around town. We also did some night shots involving me with random instruments and a projector. Check out some of his photography here.

Pretty sweet stuff if you ask me.

Also, if you haven't heard, I'm playing Live in St. Louis Series 2010 on Nick Acquisto's The Space Parlour Show, Thursday, March 4th at 9pm. Click the flier to see the facebook event invite.

Tune in and listen on 88.1 fm if you live in St. Louis. If you don't live in St. Louis you can listen online at www.kdhx.org. And if you happen to miss the live feed, you can always re-vist the show at a later time. WIN FOR EVERYONE!

I'm hoping this will be my flawless show.

I have more than a few shows coming up from March through June. I'll keep you all posted as they are confirmed.

...that is all...


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Embarrassingly Crazed

First off,
This blog is waaaay late.I've managed to get some terrible head cold and haven't felt like doing anything, let alone wash my ass.So, I apologize for the tardiness.


So the Asobi Seksu show didn't go as well as I planned and practiced, but it still was a good show.My keyboard was acting funny and eventually died mid-set.I was forced to skip a whole song because of this.I pretty much messed something up on every single song that I played.But it still was a good show.I had a lot of positive feedback from the audience, of which I'm greatly appreciative, and Yuki and James even had some nice things to say about my set.That pretty much meant the world to me.

But my keyboard...

After several diagnostic attempts I figured out what happened.First, I left my S-composite to 1/4th stereo cable at the house and didn't have it for the show.So I was forced to not only use a mono instrument cable for my set, the keyboard also had to share the input on my mixer with the microphone.Which also explained a few glitches I was having with the mic.

Second, my dumb ass let the keyboard run out of batteries.

Ahh.. it's the simple things.

I should probably buy another 9 volt adapter for my keyboard, but I honestly don't feel like it.It's probably time for me to get a new keyboard anyway.I've only had it since I was 15 years old.So if it actually did die, it's probably it's time...

Back to Asobi Seksu...

So when Yuki came over to talk to me after the show, I was pretty intoxicated at this point, embarrassing isn't the correct word to use.I went from a respectable performer to a stupidly crazed fan in less than a second.I honestly don't remember what exactly I said to her, but I was raging on and on about how awesome her drummer is/was while telling her, "I don't shake hands, I give hugs!"

Full embrace.*** Yuki probably thinking, "Ok...let go of me..." ***

I think it was then when I realized just how petite she is...

And that was probably when she decided to walk away from me.

Larry, the drummer I was raving to Yuki about (as if she didn't already know), came over and I "crazed fan-ed" his ear off for faaarr too long.But I just had to let him know that his talents weren't unnoticed.The dude has the most beautiful falsetto I've heard in a long, long time and can sing as high as Yuki.I mean c'mon!That deserves some mad props!


If you have nothing planned for this Saturday, you should head over to Floating Laboratories for Bill Tucker's CD Release show in Stl.

Facebook event here!

Hopefully by then this head cold will be gone and I won't be forced to play a instrumental set.

Fingers crossed!

Also if you live in StL, tune into KDHX on the 4th of March around 9pm to hear me play live on the Space Parlor show. There might be an interview as well.Let's wish for no stuttering!!


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photo M&M's


I'm gearing up the Asobi Seksu show this Thursday...I hope to see some of you there.I bought some M&M's just for this event.I'm not much for Valentines Day...as a matter of fact, if you know me at all, I absolutely hate that "holiday".But I did muster up a little "mush" for the show.I think it fits just fine.Check it...

It actually matches the buttons I have, but unfortunately will not be giving away at the show.My supplier has had a run of bad luck and I pretty sure they won't get shipped in time.Oh well...

But, I have a pretty sweet photo shoot lined up this coming Saturday.I still need to do a bit of ground work to find outlets in the crazy outside environment, but even if that doesn't pan out, I'm pretty excited.I'll speak of the photographer, and the like, when I have the prints in my hand.I don't want to jinx this.

It's going to be soo phenomenal...

...especially if I can get my hair as big as possible...

And Bill Tucker is coming down to StL again to promote the release of his newest album "Mythological Creatures".Here's a little video featuring bits of it from when .e and I played in Chicago.



The bill includes:
Bill Tucker
Alberto Patino and Dave Stone Due
Syna So Pro
@ Floating Laboratories

And I could blab on about a few more things...




Tuesday, January 19, 2010

?Candy Says?


What to say...what to say...

My New Years Resolutions are still holding strong.Yes it's only been 3 weeks but you know...it can be tough.

All you digifreaks can get my album on either iTunes, Napster, or Rhapsody...I find it hilarious that Rhapsody has it listed as "Alternative/Punk"

My demo titled "Numbers" was played on Dirty Radio a while back... I forgot to mention that I went internet radio as well.Oops.The people who are on my Mailing List are the only ones who's heard this song.Just perks of signing up...

I'm opening for Asobi Seksu on the 4th of February at the Old Rock House.It's a Thursday and Ithink tickets are $12 in advance but $14 at the door.Pretty effing steep I know.I don't know how else to encourage you to come to this show other than offering you a bunch of cool shit (T-shirt-Buttons-Stickers-M&M's-My Album) for $5.And if you have all of that already, I will be busting a new tune or two at this show.I really, really hope to see some of you there.Not only for me, but Asobi Seksu is the shhhhh...

This Saturday will mark the 1st Annual Empty Pocket Music Feast & Swap Meet.There's a ton of awesome artist playing as well as delicious foods, indie clothing, and tubular art.

...who says tubular anymore?

Check it.

Schedule is as follows:

3:00pm- Dave Stone + Alberto Patino
3:30pm- Mmmmelt
4pm- Larva Lu
4:30pm- Ghost Ice
5pm- Max Garcia- Rubio
5:30pm- Syna So Pro
6pm- Kevin Harris
6:30pm- Ghosts I Have Been
7pm- Bangerang
7:30pm- Right-Eye Rita
8:pm- Hood Kicks
8:30pm- Super Fun Yeah Yeah Rocketship
[Hour for flex]
10pm- DJ Dymynyte

Aaaannnyway,I've got to practice and write some more banter.



Friday, January 1, 2010

Begin with '10


I've finally concluded that the shorthand term for 2010 is just ten.Sounds weird as hell but hey, we'll only' have to deal with it for 10 years...



I must say I'm pretty anxious to get this year rolling.I have a lot of plans for this year including:

  • recording my next album

  • adding a live drummer to the live set

  • summer regional tour

  • finalizing the fairy concept album (story and songs)

But these plans are going to take a lot of discipline and I must rid myself of a lot of distractions.Which is why my main two New Year's Resolutions are try to be and remain positive and no more dating.Men are my second highest distraction, with music being the highest, and I need to stop compromising my time.Instead I need to use this time to get back into shape and take care of me.The end of '09 was a huge wake up call for me in health related issues and I hastily need to make some changes to improve my quality of life.Plus I've been slacking on networking, promotion, and just contacting necessary press to help get the word out.It's like a never ending resume and cover letter.

...I really, really hate writing those...


I must do them, cause no one will do it for me.

You all should check out my friend Michael's project Marthasville, for I've found myself acting as a semi-producer for some of his tunes.They are still demos but something is definitely there.

I'm also playing at Cranky Yellow on the 23rd of this month as well as playing in KDHX's Live in St. Louis 2010 in early March on the Space Parlour show.

More shows soon...

Here's to you all having a great 2010.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the Funk

This one's going to be short...

I haven't had much motivation lately. There's various reasons for this that I'm not going to get into, but I'm trying to get myself out of a funk that I (in a way) put myself into.

So I'm just going to post some music that I demoed a few days ago.

Ethereal was supposed to be a stella song, but seeing as we're no longer a band, it's now the 4th song of the Fairy Album. (I've got to think of a name for that album)

Fairy Run is going to be track 6 of the album. Those of you who's seen me play in the last few months, you've heard me play this track live. Bass lines are still kinda "iffy" at parts but it's the general idea that's important. I'm definitely going to add violins to this one. The parts are undeniable.

In other Syna news, I should be playing a show at Cranky Yellow early next year (details still finalizing) as well as potentially doing an in-studio performance at KDHX.

I've also joined another band which will quench my thirst of playing music with other people. I would say who this band is...but I want to make sure this all pans out as planned. Looking forward to rehearsing with them in the coming weeks...

Hope you all enjoy the holidays!


Friday, December 4, 2009

The Beginning of the End

I've been procrastinating on writing up this blog for several days now...

There's plenty to blog about, but I'm slightly still in denial, upset and angry about the main post I'm going to quickly mention.

I'm sure most of you know by now that Stella Mora has decided to call it quits after our show tonight.


Honestly I still don't have an inkling of an idea.This is by far the best line-up we've had.We all get a long with each other, and we play some pretty awesome shows.Sure our "show-load" has slowed down this past year, but that's life at times.The notion of not feeling like doing it anymore is absolutely unfathomable to me and therefore doesn't compute as a legitimate reason to quit.

But we did have a great 3 year run with many ups and a lot of downs, in the beginnings (at least for me), with a ridiculous amount of members throughout the years.I'm going to try my hardest to not get too emotional tonight at our final show.Sounds pretty stupid but the time invested in all of our songs is numerous, as well as this is the longest run I've ever played in a band.So of course I'm going to feel like a huge musical chunk has been stolen from me.But like I said earlier, that's life at times and I guess my sensitive ass needs to get over it.(Give me about a year)

So please, please, please, I implore you to come out to the Firebird tonight, find me sulking in a corner somewhere, grab me and take me to the bar, and from there we can enjoy a drink together.


Anyway, on the Syna front.Been doing a lot of research on radio stations in the regional area and the album should be available digitally (itunes and the like) here in the next month or so.

I'm also playing at APOP Records this Saturday with Mavis Concave, Eric Hall, .e, Evolve, and John Tamm-Buckle.

That is pretty much it.
Hope to see a lot of you at the final stella show tonight.

RIP Stella Mora: 11/29/06 our first show - 12/04/09 our feedback finale


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chicago and le Wood

So, this is way late...

What can I say other than I wanted a little break.I had actually written a 'day by day' run through of our (Dottie plus me) trip to Chicago.I was going to post it...but it was stupidly long, and I didn't want to proof read it or bore you all with my overly detailed dribble.Plus I was being lazy.So I'll tell you how Chicago was in 12 short sentences...

  • 1 - Dottie fell 2 hours after arriving resulting in a terribly bruised foot and ankle.

  • 2- -We stayed, for 2 of the 3 nights, at Bill Tucker's apartment with another artist Derek (Mallow Hazard)

  • 3 - I actually had to go to Guitar Center twice that weekend and knew it was going to be just a douchey (sp?) in Chicago as it is here in StL.

  • 4 - Had some vegan pizza and it was delicious

  • 5 - Bill, Derek, Dottie and I all played awesome sets the first night at Fill in the Blank Art Gallery

  • 6 - a Light Sleeper helped me unload and load the gear Saturday night, since Dottie's foot was non-weight bearing

  • 7 - Derek, Dottie, Bill, Kristen, and I stayed up until 3 am talking of old high school stories, Michael, how gay 2012 is going to be, as well as taking pictures of Dottie's foot.

  • 8 - Dheeru's apartment has ridiculous amounts of stairs.

  • 9 - Honey BBQ was delicious

  • 10 - Fellow former shoegazers Matt and Julien came out to Cole's in full support on a Sunday night.

  • 11 - The Sunday show was surprisingly awesome considering the day of the week, the L running every 15 minutes, and our overall exhaustion from the trip.

  • 12 - We fell asleep around 4am on Monday morning resulting in about 3 hours of sleep before we loaded gear and headed back to StL.

In a nutshell, I had loads of fun and I'm confident that Dottie will laugh at the experience in the future... It's not sad, it's awesome!

This past Friday I played the Maplewood Arts Walk at the Turner Center for the Arts on Sutton.Unfortunately I didn't arrive there until, literally, 15 minutes before I was scheduled to play.I had absolutely no time to check out the event and I regret that I had to work that day.The show went ...eh... reasonably well.I didn't practice at all between the shows in Chicago and the Maplewood shows. But I still managed to reach a handful of people there resulting in a success.

I uploaded a song that I performed in Chicago to youtube and facebook today...
check it out...

I'm still struggling with the video camera.

First, at my CD Release show, I set it up, but never hit record.

Then, a month later, I forget the camera entirely.

After that, in Chicago, I repeated to set up the camera but never hit record on the first night.The second night, I set it up, didn't hit record, while on stage, asked one of the audience members to record me, only to have the battery run out after one song.

At the Turner show in Maplewood, I left it in the car.

I don't know why I can't remember to do these basic things...

...oh well.

I also revamped my website (synasoloproject.com) and would kindly appreciate any and all feedback.Just let me know what you like or don't like.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!
I'm planning on eating myself into a coma this year.